Both the Sabri Ülker Foundation and The Nutrition Society are committed to ensuring that the role of nutrition in achieving and maintaining optimal health is better understood by healthcare professionals and the general public at large. We are delighted to announce that the two groups will come together in 2022 to share experiences and to host an event focusing on nutrition education for healthcare professionals.


  • The primary objective of this event will be to present and discuss a range of topics aimed at inspiring healthcare professionals to better consider the role of nutrition in achieving and maintaining optimum health
  • The combination of UK, Turkish and other contributions will provide a unique opportunity for delegates to share experiences and learn from each other
  • Examples of best practice will be shared in a format that can be adopted by healthcare professionals in their interactions with patients and with the general public at large
  • Future actions will be identified via round table discussions and a workshop
  • It is intended that a summary of the proceedings will be published with a view to  becoming a ‘go to’ reference for those seeking to underline the role of nutrition in achieving optimal health